Show Schedule

2024 schedule of shows!
The schedule will be updated as additional dates are booked
The address for each location is at the bottom of the page.
Hope to see you there!
For booking information please email me at

JANUARY  2024:
5th:     Gormley’s Pub       8:30-11:30
12th:   Gandalf’s Pub        7:30-10:30
19th:   PJ McIntyre’s         7:30-10:30
26th:   Merry Arts              8:30-11:30

2nd:    Private Function
3rd:     Private Function
9th:     PJ McIntyre’s              8:30-11:30
10th:   Gormley’s Pub            8:30-11:30
16th:   Celtic Conch Public House, Key West
17th:   Celtic Conch Public House, Key West

MARCH  2024:
1st:      Gandalf’s Pub           7:30-10:30
8th:      Private Function
9th:      Private Function
17th:    Pickwick & Frolic        2:00-5:00
22nd:   Merry Arts                 9:00-12:00
30th:    PJ McIntyre’s            7:00-10:00

APRIL  2024:
5th:      Gormley’s Pub        8:00-11:00
13th:    PJ McIntyre’s          7:00-10:00
19th:    Merry Arts               8:30-11:30

MAY  2024:
3rd:      Camp Runinmuck                       6:00-9:00
18th:    Frosty Bar                                   2:00-6:00
27th:    Berea National Rib Cook-Off     Noon-2:30
(Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds)

JUNE  2024:
1st:     Frosty Bar                  2:00-6:00
8th:     Frosty Bar                  2:00-6:00
9th:     Frosty Bar                  2:00-6:00
15th:   Frosty Bar                  2:00-6:00
21st:   Camp Runinmuck      6:00-9:00
22nd:  Frosty Bar                  2:00-6:00
29th:   Frosty Bar                  2:00-6:00
30th:   Frosty Bar                  2:00-6:00

JULY  2024:
6th:     Private Function
12th:   Frosty Bar            2:00-6:00
13th:   Frosty Bar            2:00-6:00
14th:   Frosty Bar            2:00-6:00
20th:   Frosty Bar            2:00-6:00
21st:   Frosty Bar            2:00-6:00
27th:   Frosty Bar            2:00-6:00

AUGUST  2024:
2nd:    Frosty Bar                    2:00-6:00
3rd:     Frosty Bar                    2:00-6:00
9th:     Camp Runinmuck      6:00-10:00
10th:   Frosty Bar                    2:00-6:00
17th:   Frosty Bar                    2:00-6:00
24th:   Frosty Bar                    2:00-6:00

6th:   Camp Runinmuck         6:00-10:00

Address for each Venue:
Camp Runinmuck 8786 N Shore Blvd Lakeside Marblehead OH 43440
Celtic Conch Public House,  528 Front Street  KEY WEST, FL 33040
Frosty Bar 252 Delaware Ave Put-In-Bay OH 43456
Gandalf’s Pub 6757 Center Rd Valley City OH 44280
Gormley’s Pub 19500 Center Ridge Rd Rocky River OH 44116
Hidden Beach Bar 8725 N Shore Blvd Lakeside Marblehead OH 43440
Last Stop Inn 6200 State Rd Parma OH 44134
Merry Arts Pub 15607 Detroit Ave Lakewood OH
Pier Pub 38 Main Street Huron OH 44839
PJ McIntyre’s 17119 Lorain Rd Cleveland OH 44111
Sloppy Bob’s 5994 State Rd Parma OH 44134
Old Fish House 30 Main St Huron OH 44839